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∘∙∘∙∘∙∘∙∘∙∘∙∘∙∘∙∘∙∘∙∘∙∘C'est La Vie∘∙∘∙∘∙∘∙∘∙∘∙∘∙∘∙∘∙∘∙∘∙∘ Avery//Canada//1999

There's a dark side of me A side of me I never let anyone see I keep it caged but sometimes I can't control it Sometimes my dark side Escapes and people see A different side of me My dark side is full of rage It's full of pain and hurt and misery My dark side is a monster It controls me and takes over me When my dark side comes out Peoples feelings get hurt When my dark side comes out I say the most meanest things I become a monster The rage inside me is deadly I always do my best to Keep it hidden But sometimes it escapes My dark side has a mind of his own Having a dark side Is like having a demon Inside of you It controls you and posses you Everyone has a dark side We all have darkness and rage Inside of us We all do our best to control it But at some point in our life Our dark side will escape.

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    Wow this is perf <3 and I am stuck on my dark side now .-. Sadly.. For many years now.. I just went insane :P filled with nothing but depression.. But uhhh.. Anyways.. Your beautiful <3 and please don't let it take over! Stay strong :) @ugh

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    @moreliesuntilyoudie aww thank youu and I'm sorry to hear that, if you ever need someone to talk to you can always message me c:

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    Aha, thanks I was legit gonna say same to you .. But heck I've just completely lost myself that I have trouble helping people anymore.. Seeing I can't even help myself.. But anyways thanks ^u^ and yeah you too c; @ugh

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    woyo spook alert

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